APTProcure Features in Telecom Review’s Cover Story

APTProcure featured in the Cover Story of Telecom Review North America’s April issue.

The article details the exciting opportunity for APTProcure, providing seed capital for “under the radar” opportunities hyper-focused on subsea cable and adjacent services.

“As one of the world’s most recognized consultants in the sector in which we operate, it makes perfect sense for us to take this next step. Clients typically engage us at a very early stage of any infrastructure project, so the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of projects we believe in, is an opportunity we should take advantage of” said Eric Handa, CEO of APTelecom.

To read more about APTProcure’s strategies and their once-in-a-generation market opportunity, click here and flip to Page 4.

Article courtesy of Telecom Review North America; first published April 2022.


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