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APTProcure, the investment arm of APTelecom, was founded to identify and capitalize on key secular trends in subsea cable and edge data centers.

APTelecom has been operating in US & Asia for over 15 years. Among the company’s
core offerings are due diligence, fiber sales, data center and strategic consulting services. In 2016, APTelecom founded Stratanet Group LLC focusing on subsea
capacity arbitrage. Subsequent investments were made into Thai-based LXT
Networks in 2018 and Singapore-based VergeDI in 2020.

In 2022 the team established APTProcure, that seeks to parlay the existing investment
assets into a investment arm to identify and provide seed capital for “under the radar”
opportunities hyper-focused on the subsea cable and adjacent services. APTProcure is
focusing on companies that are pre-revenue or early revenue, Series A. APTProcure’s
investment strategy is to place our investment alongside that of a consortium of co-
investors we are developing.

The APTProcure team and associated APTelecom companies have decades of
experience in the subsea cable and adjacent services. That expertise will be applied to
the portfolio company in the form of sales support, operational support, and business
planning to help them be successful.

Why APTProcure?

Superior Deal Flow and Proven Opportunity Identification in a Focused Growth Market
Based on leading and proven Innovation in network infrastructure value maximization, APTProcure operates at the intersection of ‘know how’, ‘know who’ and ‘know why’ in the ever-evolving race to bring content closer to end-users globally.
Robust broadband network infrastructure supported by fiber optic backbones that tie in with edge data centers complementing the major content aggregation and distribution points throughout the world continues to drive the infrastructure market.  Whether machine-to-machine or human-interface driven, low latency is and will increasingly be the name of the game in the telecom infrastructure sector.
As more content is sourced locally, the storage, caching and distribution of data is no longer a choice between local or aggregated content in major DC hubs – the market is moving to a ‘hub AND local’ environment.
Through its unique strategic position in in the global telecom infrastructure marketplace, APTProcure has the ability to spot opportunities and rapidly assess the entrepreneurs behind them and potential for success long before others can notice – often at a stage that is too early or investment size that is too small for traditional Venture Capital or Private Equity.
APTProcure lives and breathes the global telecom infrastructure marketplace on a daily basis. APTProcure has unparalleled access to resources and subject matter expertise to move on opportunities and build teams around solid business plans with significant upside potential.


Our Portfolio

LXT Networks provide wholesale services of Trans-ASEAN terrestrial connectivity, diverse routes, as well as major submarine Cables capacities including AAE-1, TIS, SeaMeWe, APG, AAG, SJC, FEA to international carrier, Operators, and ISP’s.

StrataNet Group Limited (SGL) is an infrastructure based telecommunications carrier acquiring, marketing and operating sub-sea cable optic systems across Asia and the Pacific to deliver upon scalable, adaptable and resilient connectivity. Founded in the US with headquarters in Hong Kong – The next era in sub-sea.

Verge Digital Infrastructure is a digital asset developer, owner and operator.

Verge focuses on improving local connectivity and global interconnection by deploying and operating edge data centers and associated infrastructure assets in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam & Thailand.

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